Wednesday, December 24, 2008

xmas eve 2008 snowing. cleaning coop

Well ain't life fun! The weather here is quite a challenge not what we are accustom to , we have had approx. 13 inches. I was concerned about the build up on the trees and roof of the buildings but so far everything is fine . yesterday when the temp. was above freezing I went out and cleaned the inside of the coop out below the roosting area it went very easy. I don't remember if I have spoken about things inside of the coop or not but here goes. when Ibuilt the coop I gave a lot of thought on time saving. I did look and read a lot about what other people were doing and their pit falls. I wanted to prevent these things. So #1 I insulated the floor, walls and roof. I put vent at the top about 16 of them and by putting in a false roof on with a trap door that I could open and close at will I could control the air movement, and heat. The chicken waste can get pretty strong and cause breathing problems for the pullets, I also clean and remove the waste as much as i can approx. once a week. Everything in the coop area can be removed and cleaned outside. the floor and roost area have linoleum on to make it easy to clean, I do not hose the inside down, I only use rags and muscle power to clean. soap and bleach. so far the coop has been cleaned for a year and it still looks like it's new. the back wall is what catches a lot of waste so it is made of washable material and has worked excellent. coop area stays at approx 47 degrees. I use a organic natural spry to control bugs and stuff like that so far no bugs yet. keep it clean and the bugs won't come. the chickens are only inside to lay eggs and roost that is their choice and not mine. very little maintenance goes on inside the coop, except keeping the roosting area clean. the next blog i will try and speak on the outside in the yard and feeding.

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