Saturday, January 3, 2009


roost area cleaned

these two pens one cleaned one with deep liter

chickens eating scratch.

nestting boxes

well another year has come and gone I hope that 2009 is good for you. with all the snow and rain and different winter weather patterns my ladies have not skipped a beat. Well I try ed putting a small light in the coop it didn't work because they were up all night partying all night they would come off the roost and line up by the door waiting for the lights to come on and some of them went out into the dark yard and because they could not see they would bump into things . So I turned out the light. The radio I left on to keep them from listening to noises out side, it seems to be working better. I find that with things closed up I needed to clean the roost area up at least every 6 or 7 days. I've had to turn a small fan on to remove the Oder's from their chicken waste. they are still laying close to the maximum. this month egg report is 4 times 12 eggs, 13 times 13 eggs, 14 times 14 eggs, for a total of 413 eggs for December. total eggs count for the 6mo. and 1 day is 2,214.00 eggs, that's 184.50 doz. from just 14 pullets. My lovely daughter Stacia gave me three new nest boxes to add my collection. I am getting excited for march to arrive so the I can receive my new chicks from cackle hatchery, type called Cinnamon Queens. new pictures and videos posted to my links. YouTube for videos and buzz net for find them in YouTube type in BOBSCHICKENS65, In buzznet type in BOBHALLSR1, That is if you don't see it when you get there.