Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well Oct. is done and that means it is time to reflect on last month. Today I was going over my paper work to see how well my 14 pullets were doing on egg production, June 29, 2008 the first egg was laid , so in June 1 egg, July 207 eggs, Aug. 380 eggs, Sept. 381 eggs, and in Oct. 413 eggs, That totals 1,382 eggs, 116 doz. . For the month of Oct. I got 14 eggs ,16 times, 13 eggs 10 times, 12 eggs 4 times and 11 eggs 1 time. just think only 14 pullets, for only 4 full months? Laying machines you bet! So what I am doing must be working. cut down on stress, be consistent with feeding, keep them dry and in a clean environment, free from bugs and predators, keep the rodents away, keep the roosting area and egg laying areas clean, which I do at least once a week. This is where they lay the eggs and sleep. I like to make it a pleasant experience. With Winter fast approaching I have put the windows back on, I have a little fan on to keep the air from getting to stale. I have been thinking about the cold and just because everyone says that chickens can do OK in the cold weather doesn't mean that they like it, plus all of the stories frost bite, that doesn't set to well with me. I don't think that I want to deal with that , so I am going to keep a small heater in the coop area just to keep it from freezing in there. If you can make them comfortable why not? The progress on my portable brooder is going well, I am working on the roof I have it designed and half completed. I expect to have pictures of it perhaps this month, if the rain would only stop. Well that's it for now.