Sunday, August 23, 2009

chicks in my indoor brooder and jr holding one he looks tired because he is he stayed over night and at 6:30 am we went to the post office and got them he was tired but he got up and went with me like a person going to get a new toy.
more later

I am back, well here goes, sorry that I have not been doing this for a little while but got lazy. first off the 14 chickens that first started my venture into egg laying have layed 4,127.00, 346dozen in one full year. not bad huh! I then ordered 16 new chicks and they arrived on march 4, 2009. they now are part of the 14, lost one of the first 14 and now have 13 plus 16 = 29 egg laying for the new group is slower I now get around 24, 26 , eggs per day. On June 09. I bought 10 cornish cross meat chickens and lost one and so in 5 weeks I butchered them and the average weight was 5 lbs not bad for only 5 weeks, yes that time and weight are correct. I will show you some pictures. I also have some pictures of the new multi-purpose pen that I built.