Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well the last week was lots of fun. All the snow and then the rain. First the snow took out my bird feeder and I had large drifts of snow in the first pen of the chickens. Mean while something scared the chickens, because when I went out to check on them I found around 6 of them on the floor not knowing what to do in the dark. So I put them one by one back up on the roost. I then noticed that the window was broken The glass was broken from the inside because of how the glass fell, and with all the snow out side there were no tracks in the snow and my looking around I could not find the reason. but I did notice that the chickens all had moved to one side of the roost, I could only conclude that what scared them was from that side of the coop. I have very strong wire on all of the windows so they were scared but safe. I replaced the glass window and put in plastic windows. if it should happen again they can't break the plastic, to thick. It took them several days to spread out across the roost again. things are getting back to normal. I have thought about the incident for several days, and I have taken one of two changes the first one is to put a very small Xmas lite pink in color so that they will not be completely in the dark and will be able to find their way back up the roost. The next thing I am going to do is something that I have been thinking about for some time now, I am going to put a very small radio in the coop and play it on their favorite station, chicken country. I think it might take away most of the outside noises and tend to keep them calm. these things I don't know if they will work or not but it won't hurt to try. The little light has caused some confusion, because the chickens seem to know about when the lights might come on so they get a little restless and because the nite light is on they will start to head down off the roost and outside. I found them in the outside pen walking around along the fence line looking lost trying to find their way into the second pen to eat the goodies I set out for them each night. To night when the chickens went to roost I removed all of the saw dust and wood chips and put new in, I was not sure how wet it was in the pen I was surprised to find it quite dry . that's it for now .

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Anonymous said...

I sure enjoyed all the information and pictures. Even tho we talk daily it is fun and so informative to read it all. You are a WONDERFUL provider for me as well as your "girls" who depend on YOU. Happy New Year my love! You are the GREATEST!!! Your loving wife Rita Rae