Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well how is everyone this month? I have been busy. First let's give the egg count for Jan. had 2 days with 11 eggs, 4 days with 12 eggs, 11 days with 13 eggs, and 14 days with 14 eggs, which totals 31 days and 409 eggs, 34.09 doz. for a yearly total of 2,210.00 eggs and for a total doz. of 186. not bad for only 14 chickens. My ladies will be one year old on march 3 rd. I just ordered from cackle hatchery 15 more pullets and they will be her in March 4, 2009. I will expand to 29 and that is it. my chicken count is from June to June one year. The new ladies will be the same as what I have now, Cinnimon Queens cost from hatchery to post office is $ 46.80.I plan on moving the older chickens to half of the pen to isolate new from the old until they are old enough to be put together. how ever that won't be until a couple of months inside the house in the brooder. Things that I did last month are, earned a certificate for BIO-Security on Avian Bird Flu. to make sure I protect my ladies. I became a Septic tank inspector for my system and learned how to install the risers and bring the tanks up to ground level. Also installed my own Hot Tub and even did all the electric work I can now add those things to my resume. Went to the bark store and got some saw dust and wood chips ready for spring. I will put up some pictures soon of these activities. for now take care.

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Anonymous said...

Even if I'm your wife and we talk daily I still love to read your blog. It is a joy to be married to such a wonderful guy that sets out and figures out a way to do what needs to be done. YOU are the GREATEST!!! I love YOU! Love you!