Monday, October 20, 2008

10-20-08 Winterizing at this time of year is on my mind 24/7. Winterizing is a thing that you plan for all year long. When I built the chicken coop I had all seasons of the year in mind Just recently I put the windows on the coop, plugged in the water thermostat holder. I have removed all the litter and replaced it with new, cleaned the inside laying and roosting area. I put yellow numbered bands on the pullets feet. Gave each pullet a health checkup, front to back , sprayed them with Poultry Protector. I use only organic materials, on or around them. Of course I spray the coop and yard area once a week to kill bugs ,flies, mites etcetera.. so far none yet. The pullets eat all the bugs that they see and believe me they look 24/7, always on the search. Things are almost ready for winter. my next post will be on the history of my ladies.

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